Legacy Of Life

by YngwieViking at 30 October 2012, 2:10 AM

Despite the absolute will of mastermind JK Impera and / or the record company to introduce and marketed IMPERA, as a real band and not a one-shot all-star super-group, we all know that they belong to a well known but endangered species classified under the brand of the numerous studio-project with an ephemeral destiny. The guys involved are among the busiest Swedish players, especially the incredibly talented guitar player / composer / producer Mr. Tommy “I’m Everywhere” Denander, so the chances to find them on tour one of those days , or to see another album with the same line-up, are very thin (even if I’ll definitely pray for it) and it’s a shame: Because I think it’s a terrific collection of songs and a first rate recommended album…And it’s finally a really impressive all-star super group…Yes it is .

The whole and complete pedigree of each musician involved, would have used up too much space here, so after some complaints, I will make it shorter. But if I can choose some great albums related with IMPERA’s members I will say: 2000’s PRISONER “Blind” (Z Records) & Alfonzetti “Ready” (MTM)

Stylistically the album could easily stand the analogy with those two almost classic perfect discs, AOR but with a quite sharper heavier edge and maybe a little less originality. But it can be compared to those, by bringing the same fluency, some obvious hooks and by providing many enlightened performances…This album is flawless from start to the finish but I think “Kiss Of Death”, “Sunset Rider” & “More Than Meets The Eye” are the best tracks. Matti Alfonzetti is giving his very best, singing perfectly, and it’s easy to see why he’s still considered among the best vocalists out of Sweden but also elsewhere. His voice is always rich warm and he shares with Steve Overland of FM, the same soulful rendition and also the “juicy mid-frequency” fluid intonation. His ex-colleague from ROAD TO RUIN, Lars Chriss (LIONS’ SHARE) is responsible for a dynamic production with an adequate punchy sound…With a bass / drums couple that is fully efficient, technically impeccable that is working perfectly in the same purpose: giving a strong backbone for guitar wiz Denander and his six string magic, in fact it’s the perfect playground to deliver some smoking , stunning and always welcome skillful lead-breaks.

While the IMPERA’s guys to show the world: How, without reinventing the wheel or breaking the rules / conventions, the true melodic Hard Rock should be done. “Legacy of Life” is a more than a cordially suggested purchase, because finally there is only one way to Rock.



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